police and military

Endurance to perfect military standards.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Same principles apply to the uniforms and gamut of accessories supplied by Telal to UAE military, police and other security forces in UAE. Uniforms, berets, shoes, military logos, chrome badges, t-shirts, caps, gloves, eye wear, camping accessories, bags and pouches and name plates are some of the items authorized to be supplied by Telal. The Telal shoes, exclusively made for the UAE military, police and other security forces, is a showcase of top-notch quality, exhibiting comfort with long lasting endurance. It complies with the toughest standards set for military and police gear. They are crafted with high quality materials, and made to specifications. The shoes comes in two brands, Camillo and Marcello. All items are manufactured in Telal™s own facilities adhering to stringent specifications made for long lasting and to perform under adverse conditions.