The shawls from Telal are a unique mix of vibrance, style, comfort and tradition. It is available in plain white and other colors from a variety of international brands and is ready to be worn for any occasion and in winter. The following varieties of shawls are available from Telal.


The yashimagh shawls are available in red, white, orange or blue colors. Telal’s own brands Rich Range and Albion supplies finest quality. Other international brands available are Pierre Cardin, Phantom, Al Ayan and Dunhil.


The ghotrah shawls are available only in plain white. Telal’s own brand Telal Sada supplies finest quality Ghotrah shawls. Other international brands available are Pierre Cardin, Leoni, Al Ayan and Dunhil.

Telal Pashmina

The Telal Pashmina is authentic Kashmiri Pashmina shawl made of wool from Kashmiri goat in India. It is exclusively handmade and is ideal for winter wear. The shawl material is Thuruma with different quality range.