Telal Quality Drive: Supplier's Meet '21

Telal Quality Drive: Supplier's Meet '21

Consumers often very commonly associate quality with the final product a major brand introduces into the market. As a leading fashion brand, we believe internally that quality is cooperation in executing a common vision to provide what the customers need. The element of 'cooperation' includes the effectiveness of every organization or individual a business entity is connected to to make progress.

Hence, like every year, Telal Gents Fashion decided to run a campaign under the title of Quality Drive from June 1st to July 31st. Telal Gents Fashion will analyze to engage, enhance and embrace the notion of quality in every single department. From Customer Service to Product Quality.

As part of this initiative, Telal Director Board hosted a two-day long meeting with all major suppliers in the textile industry. The meeting included various open discussions regarding the industry's future, maintenance of standard of quality, Initiating a knowledge pool in the Arab traditional fashion Industry, and many more. The meeting had one single goal to achieve, an overall enhancement of the Traditional Fashion Market. The suppliers were able to engage with the vision well and promised to contribute to the achievement of the goal. Our suppliers have always provided us with the best quality products since we have established the highest standard of quality in Arab Traditional Fashion. Therefore, Chairman - Abdussalam Hassan recognized our respective suppliers with Exclusive Telal Honorary Certificates for the extensive support that has been provided.

Telal Gents Fashion will always try to represent the Arab Culture and Tradition in the best manner possible. The meeting was conducted by the Director of Operation - Hassan Thurabi, Head of Administration - Shafeeque, and Head of Public Relations - Bishrudeen.

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