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Al Telal Gents Fashion, established in the year 1987, is a ubiquitous brand name in fashion, including traditional gents fashion, kids fashion, accessories, footwear, military and police uniforms and accessories. Rooted in tradition and inspired by fashion, Telal’s line of signature products represents world class quality. Being fully customer oriented, Telal provides the best in class services, from in-showroom hospitality to customizable products, in-house fashion designer, branch to branch delivery and replacement guarantee with the promise of outstanding quality.


Rooted in tradition and inspired by fashion, the Telal brand is driven by the vision of its founders and the values they represent. The business competitiveness combined with the humane touch and social responsibility in business makes Telal stand out against the rest for its customers and employees alike. The strategy of the founders to update trends and styles every three months, always brings in fresh energy into the brand and places the Telal brand poised as the true trendsetter. This is the true vision of its founders, to place the Telal brand on top of the fashion industry, expanding with new showrooms all over GCC and the UK.

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The principles guiding the organization is at the core of its mission statement. To provide price worthy service to its customers without compromising on quality and always ensuring on-time guaranteed delivery. Being employee centric, the management of Telal group always ensures the welfare of its employees and is always keen on a satisfied workforce with 100% dedication.


Majid Mohamed Al Jarwan
Chairman, Telal Gents Fashion
Vice-Chancellor at University of Sharjah

Mr. Majid Mohamed Al Jarwan is the chairman of Telal Gents Fashion. Coming from the influential Al Shamshi family, he is also the Vice-Chancellor at prestigious University of Sharjah. A personality deep rooted in tradition, his trust and guidance helped to strengthen the foundation of Telal brand. He brings immense knowledge and influence into the company and has been instrumental in the accelerated growth of Telal Group of Companies.

Abdussalam Hassan C
Founder, Telal Group of Companies
Managing Director, Telal Gents Fashion

Mr. Abdussalam Hassan is an Indian entrepreneur, venture capitalist, founder and managing director of Telal Group of Companies. Being an industrial designer by profession, he started his career in the Arabian fashion industry in the year 1987. Having started his line of gents fashion wear under the name of Shabab Tex, he was able to quickly expand his brand presence in the Middle East. Within a short span of time, he was able to transform the highly dynamic Arabian fashion industry and take his fashion brand Telal to the forefront.

Abdunnaser P K
Director/General Manager
Telal Gents Fashion

Mr. Abdunnaser PK is the general manager of Telal Gents Fashion. He is said to be the backbone of Telal Group of Companies. His enterprising and meticulous approach to managing the business helped to place Telal Group of Companies as an influential business group in the Middle East. He is one of the key persons behind the growth of Arabian fashion powerhouse, Telal Gents Fashion.