Telal Mizbar Al Azya




MIZBAR AL AZYA   مسبار الأزياء

Mizbar Al Azya is the latest project innovated by Telal Gents Fashion under the circumstances of the Global Pandemic. ‘مسبار الأزياء’ or as its literal meaning goes, Probe of Fashion, is a unique concept of sophisticated atelier mobile fashion. With the motto ‘التلال أقرب إليك’ or Telal closer to you, we have initiated a business model to cater to the needs of our customers at their doorstep. Telal Gents Fashion will be turning the largest buses in the market, into custom made replicas of the showroom. From the customer experience point of view, Telal will be providing every service and products made available in the branches across the world, just at a point of click.

Customers will be able to experience the new phenomenon in three efficient ways, giving justice to the motto of مسبار الأزياء.

Customers may call on the Telal Hotline number 800TELAL (83525) and talk to our operator.
Customers may visit our website and navigate easily and,
Customers may book an appointment through our social media platforms.


As always, quality first

In Telal, since 1987, there has been only one single mantra that we have kept holding on to, that is to ‘provide the best quality with no compromise’.

Atelier Service at your doorstep

Telal find happiness in the satisfaction of adorning our customers with hand made designer custom outfits. We just made it more accessible by providing our world-class atelier service at your doorstep with just a click or call.


UAE, by the grace of God and excellent leadership, has transformed into a hub of leading global trade. Therefore, we well understand that the people of Emirates are moving on a fast-paced lifestyle towards success. 

Telal will be able to provide the services, at the convenience of customers. We just need an allocated time and location, at their wish.

Important: Telal Gents Fashion will charge a reservation fee of 250AED while booking an appointment and will redeem on the total bill purchased from Mizbar Al Azya.