Story of Weaving Arab Traditional Fashion 



Originating from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1987 under the brand name Shabab Tex, Telal’s brand has ever expanded, entering the UAE market in 2001 and currently operating 23 outlets in UAE. Telal started operating in Oman from 2015 with 3 outlets. Aggressive business development is in progress with entry into the UK planned in 2018 and more outlets opening soon all over the GCC. The luxury showrooms of Telal Gents Fashion mixes hospitality with the pleasure of designing and customizing your unique modern or traditional wear and accessories. This coupled with own world class modern production facilities in Italy, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India, guarantees the signature class shopping experience with Telal.



Infinity Garment MFG FZE Camello Shoe MFG



Spread over 2200 sq. meters and employing 453 workers, the Infinity Garment and Camello Shoe manufacturing factory in Ajman is well known for its high production capacity, stringent quality checks, modern state of the art machines and an experienced and happy workforce. Started in 2009, the factory has a production capacity of 40,000 Kandura per month and employs a 4 step quality control procedure. Each manufacturing step, from materials pre-treatment to packaging of final product is done in a meticulous manner under strict quality supervision.


Telal Italy SRL 



Telal Italy S.R.L, established in Vigevano, is an establishment with more than 35 years of leading presence in manufacturing authentic Italian footwear. Located in Italy’s northwest, Vigevano is the cradle of authentic shoemaking techniques and artisans. The Telal factory employs local artisans and shoe making techniques and materials to manufacture 100% premium Italian footwear. The factory adheres to traditional craftsmanship along with handcrafted materials to produce highest quality premium footwear brought to the Middle East.