Telal Mercedes Benz

Telal Gents Fashion got the recognition from Mercedez Benz for being one of the largest buyers of their fleet that included eight sprinters of their latest collection. Telal Gents Fashion has always embraced the notion of excellence. It was precisely the reason in mind when Telal decided to acquire those classy sprinters from the Mercedes Benz. Mercedez Benz adopted the concept of Sprinter's design from passenger cars based on sensual purity. The Sprinter vehicle features are impressively appealing, purist yet modern surface design and balanced proportions. The highlight of this feature is the characteristic front-end view with massive central Mercedes star. It’s interior in a completely new model once again establishes the perfect balance between practical functionality and a classy appearance. The vehicles are sustainable and versatile from the outside. The modern design also optimizes the vehicle's aerodynamic drag, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption. We use these vehicles for delivery and logistics purposes.

Telal Group is synonymous with Mercedes Benz. Similar to Mercedes Benz's products, Telal products are known for their international quality backed by their traditional roots and inspired by modern fashion. Of branches and easy replacement while ensuring the highest quality standards. Mercedes Benz's engineering excellence and our design excellence are being up to trend. The common thing between Mercedes-Benz and Telal Group that in today's fiercely competitive market, it's the reliability that makes all the difference. It gives you that decisive edge and the reassuring feeling of having done the best for a company's future. With this in mind, all over the world, Mercedes-Benz's name stands for the highest level of innovation, reliability, and efficiency. Telal Group shares the same values as Mercedes-Benz, and with the acquirement of these Sprinters, we are determined to continue this success story with the model lineʼs time-proven quality and reliability. We are hoping to get benefit from its economic efficiency right from the word go: with an attractive entry-level price and numerous configuration options enabling us to use what we needed.

We are looking forward to a prosperous future, and we are thankful to Mercedez-Benz once more for the acknowledgment of our enthusiasm. Working now with the Mercedes-Benz Telal group has discovered that those two fields of work are not as far apart as they seem. We, as industries, are connected by two fundamental aspects: customer service and product knowledge. It's a real honor to be recognized by Mercedes-Benz, and we are delighted to become a part of it.

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