Telal Sofia Lounge Hospitality

Sofia Lounge is an inception of the Telal Group of Companies, an establishment in the International trade world. Since 1987, Telal Group of Companies has been diversifying its business into various sectors, and Sofia Lounge is the first entry into the hospitality industry.

Sofia Lounge is a Convention center located in Kadappadi, near Calicut University, Kerala. Since Telal is a brand synonymous with excellence and perfection, Sofia Lounge is an auditorium made available with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. We will be working closely with all our clients to meet their needs with the utmost detail to make every event an infinitely memorable one.

Kadappadi is the birthplace of Mr. Abdussalam Hassan Chokly, the Chairman of the Telal Group of Companies. Abdussalams' vision was to build something that will stay an icon of progression by which will be a means for hope and dream for the generations to come at his birthplace. The people of kadappadi are well aware of Abdussalams' rags-to-riches life journey, and as claimed by himself, "They (people of Kadappadi) are one of the many reasons behind where I am at right now. They never fail to encourage or congratulate me whenever I'm on to something". 

Maybe it was for this very reason, Telal Sofia Lounge will be in operation without any consideration of monetary returns in profit. Kadappadi is a village area, yet the lounge has been constructed with sophisticated structural designs and implemented advanced technological features. The convention center is 'Luxury' in every way for the location in terms of facilities, but not for the price it's rented out. "I want my area to be active with events and festivals because I believe in the proverb that says 'there are blessings where there is movement,'" said Abdussalam. Therefore he truly wishes for the development and progression of the community he hailed from since every event will pool in a lot of people and be an added benefit for the development of the town and the organization itself.

Telal Sofia Lounge has the following facilities:

  • a party hall that can accommodate up to 1200 people, 

  • a dining hall that can serve 700 people at a time, 

  • a senior citizen facility, where the heads of families can greet and meet feeling homely,

  • Kids play area in an area of 150 sq.ft.,

  • online booking facility

  • well-furnished, air-conditioned suite rooms,

  • Well organized sound system,

  • stage and green room and

  • Prayer hall

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