Guinness World Record achievement for Telal Gents Fashion

Guinness World Record achievement for Telal Gents Fashion


We are proud to announce that Telal Gents Fashion has achieved a Guinness World Record as the Longest Mobile Clothing Store for our Misbar Al Azya Project.

We will be also the first-ever traditional company to win a GWR record. Innovation is the foundation of our company, and this is an achievement that will serve as a mark of honor for those who try.

We always believe that the convenience of our customers comes first, the blessings will follow. We introduced Misbar Al Azya during the pandemic when our customers wanted a safe shopping experience at their doorstep. Telal being a pioneer in the traditional business, we wanted to, as always, introduced in the best way possible. As a result, an entire bus was transformed into a mobile retail store. Considering, we should make all our services and products available, with a better experience.

Since we don’t address our clients as customers but consider them as a family, let us take this opportunity to thank the Telal Family and Friends for being with us, believing in us, and building with us. To greater heights.

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