Telal Pandemic Support Covid Masks

Telal Group of Companies was vigilant and careful during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. All safety measures published by the UAE government and WHO are closely followed within the organization. All stakeholders involved in the company were informed of the situation and advised to be aware of the situation.

Apart from making our customers comfortable by providing the best of the service, all the hygienic procedures were strictly followed. Our stores are sterilized, Sanitizers are kept within the vicinity of the employees and customer for usage, everyone is asked to be equipped with masks and gloves - including customers. Telal Group made approx. 10,000 custom Telal Masks for both staff and customers. For extra protection, our staff members are equipped with custom Telal Face Shield.

Telal Group also distributed approx. 20,000 plus masks to various government authorities during the shortage in the availability of masks. As per the advice of chairman - Mr. Abdussalam Hassan, Every contribution made was completely free of charge. “This nation is home to 100 plus nationalities who are in dire need of protection and care. In such a time, even a small contribution matters a lot. So we are doing with what we can do best.” said Mr. Abdussalam during a recent interview.

The group is currently focusing on continuing the operation without any issues and also providing more medical equipment that is required in the country by teaming up with other complementing business entities.

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