Telal enhances the standard of quality of Kandura

Telal enhances the standard of quality of Kandura

Telal Gents Fashion is well known for establishing an industry level standard of quality for Kandura, or often written as Kandora and also well known as Dishdasha. 

Telal has a 'Quality Policy' for improving the core products like Kandura, Leather Products and related accessories. Every year, the Department of Kandura within Telal Gents Fashion has to conduct a company level training program to refine the custom-made methodology. The professionals in the stores are trained to take accurate measurements and redefine the detailing of the Kandura with latest designs and cuts.                 

 The department of textile of Telal is trained with material quality and care instructions to purchase or handle with care. The tailors have to go through an intensive three month training program before working on an actual Kandura that will be delivered to the stores, and the tailors have to go through a week long training every year to make sure the techniques are well maintained.

   We were able to maintain a high level of satisfaction of customers with the importance we give for kandura. This year, we look forward to establish a R&D department to learn the science behind developments of kandura.


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